Getting Active for the Summer

With the summer approaching, there are many people worried about fitting in their favorite swimming suit. People do not be alarmed! There are many ways to get in shape before the summer. Walks in the park are the best way for people to get exercise. Taking walks in the park helps people get in touch with nature and get a peace of mind.

I love the idea of walks in the park because I notice things that I never seen before. The way some trees are shaped and the texture of the leaves on the tree. I find walking in the park more effective than working out in the gym. You do not have to worry about machines and learning how to use them properly.

If you decide to walk in the park, it is just a calmer and more peaceful way of achieving the same goal. People go to the gym for stress relief so I challenge you to take a walk in the park instead of going to the gym. Studies have shown that people are more likely to walk and be physically active, as well as enjoy higher levels of health and well-being when they have easily accessible green spaces in their communities. Just take 30 minutes of out of your daily routine and you’ll see the amazing result.

Photo taken by langdia Jones SIUE Garden


Spring time is finally here and people can’t wait to enjoy the weather. What is your favorite thing about spring? My favorite thing about spring are flowers. I love the way they smell.  I enjoy taking close up pictures of different type of flowers. It is something about nature that is so refreshing and peaceful. Spring time is the best for walks in the park and biking exercises.

I do not have to worry about a gym membership because being outdoors is the greatest feeling in the spring. I whether take a walk in the park then being stuck in a gym any day. I love the clothing styles for the spring time. The winter time is full of dark grey, black and navy. Spring makes everyone think of bright colors like orange, pink and yellow.

Easter is a great addition to spring especially dying Easter eggs and fun easter egg hunts. Spring always puts people in a better mood because snow is dreadful. This time of the season it is not too hot or cold. Everyone should get out there and enjoy the spring time before the summer gets here.  I do not know about you but I whether have the cool spring weather than the summer hotness.

Hookah Bar

Photo taken by Langdia Jones Nara cafe Hookah bar

One of the most popular scene in St. Louis is the hookah bar. These bars are famous for their drinks, hookahs and belly dancers. The most known hookah lounge in St. Louis is the Nara Cafe. I have been there many times and I have never been disappointed. Many people go on the weekends but they have special drinks during the week.

The Nara Cafe has ladies night and happy hours during the week day. The weekends are always busy and I would try to avoid going too late because it is always a long line. I hate standing in line especially on a weekend. Their hookahs are really good and you can even mix alcohol inside the hookah. My favorite hookah favor is the queen of sex and mix it with Hennessy. If you do not like mixed hookahs, they have original favors like fruit punch, pineapple, and blue berry.

The hookah lounge is a really cool place to hang out and the crowd of people aren’t so bad. They have their own bar aside from the hookahs. So if you are not interested in hookah, you can always go down there for a drink.

The Nara Cafe and Lounge has really good mix drinks for a decent price. Most clubs charge over 20 dollars for a shot, most of their shots are half price. The Nara Cafe and Lounge is worth the trip if you are looking to try something new in the area.

Night on the Town

Photo taken by Langdia Jones Washington Ave.

St. Louis, MO is one of the largest cities around the Illinois area. Their clubs are well known for good publicity for upcoming artists and they always have a full crowd. One of my favorite place in St. Louis is the 360 club.

The 360 club is a lounge/bar inside of the Hilton Hotel. It is located on the 26th floor but it very popular. The 360 club is always fun and it has a view of the arch outside on the balcony.  If you are interested in some more fun activities, check on the local zoo, city museum, and everyone loves Ballpark Village.

The Casino Queen is also an amazing place to go visit. The Casino Queen has more than just the gambling tables. St. Louis, MO has the safe hotels. Their hotels downtown are key entry only so you will not have to worry about break-ins while you’re out having fun.

If you have too many shots, most bars have the local tax cab number. Drinking and driving can lead to serious consequences. It is better to be safe than sorry. There are many different type of  bars and little restaurants to enjoy. If you’re ever in town, please check out the local places, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.